Eric Jurenas

Eric Jurenas (b. 1989) is a counter-tenor who graduated from the Juilliard School in New York. When he commenced his studies he was a baritone, but he later found that the counter-tenor voice suited him better. Jurenas has taken part in productions at a number of prestigious opera houses, some (e.g. the Frankfurt Opera, Vienna State Opera, Covent Garden and the Komische Oper Berlin) resulting in repeat invitations. He is one of the singers taking part in a European tour with Handel’s Rinaldo. In the near future he will make appear at the Dutch National Opera. Jurenas has sung the voice of the castrato Farinelli in the Tony-nominate Claire van Kampen Broadway production of Farinelli and the King. He has enjoyed success in numerous national and international singing competitions in the USA.

Born in 1989



Piano: Tuula Hällström


Preliminary round

G.F. Händel

Belshazzar’s Fiest: Destructive War

R. Hahn

A Chloris (Viau)

F. Schubert

Nachtstück (Mayrhofer)

J. Dove

Flight: “Dawn, still darkness” (Refugee)


L. Madetoja

Yrtit tummat (L. Onerva)

H. Purcell

Music for a while (Dryden – arr. Kagen)
Sweeter than roses (anon. – arr. Britten)
By beauteous softness (anon. – arr. Adès)
I’ll sail upon the dog star (Maw – arr. Kagen)
If music be the food of love (Shakespeare – arr. Britten)
An Evening Hymn (Fuller – arr. Adès)

G.F. Händel

Giulio Cesare:     “Empio diró tu sei togliti” (Giulio Cesare)


J.S. Bach

Matthäus-Passion: Erbarme dich, mein Gott

G.F. Händel

Rinaldo: ”Venti turbini prestate” (Rinaldo)

Competition performances

Preliminary round


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