Media Info Pack

Reporting, photographing and filming at the Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition

Please remember that this is a competition, and we do not want to disturb the competitors’ concentration with any movements and noise in the hall. Certain rules therefore apply to working in the hall.

You are welcome to photograph on the following conditions:
- You remain seated in your appointed seat throughout a competitor’s performance
- You do not photograph or film during a competition performance
- You leave the hall only in between complete performances. Each performance (‘set’) lasts about 20 minutes in the Preliminary round and 30 minutes in the Semifinals.

The competition’s own photographer, Heikki Tuuli, will be taking photographs on two cameras of all the competitors in the Preliminary round, Semifinals and Final. He will post the photos in his picture gallery after each round.

The media are welcome to use the photos free of charge in editorial text on the Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition. The name of the photographer must, however, always be mentioned.

The same rules apply to TV camera crews.

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- the Shadow Jury blog 2014