Sheet Music

Sheet music

Only legal sheet music may be used in the competition.

A new edition of a popular collection “Suomalaisia yksinlauluja 1-2” (Finnish Solo Songs) that includes solo songs by Sibelius, Kilpinen, Kuula, Merikanto, Madetoja, Sallinen, Rautavaara and others is available online from and in Helsinki also from Ostinato and F-musiikki

The collection is available in two volumes for high, middle or low voice. It is published with funding from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for the use of the Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition.

Competitors may naturally perform other Finnish songs.

The publications of the Academy of Finnish Artsong, "A Catalogue of Finnish Artsong" and "Singing in Finnish - a Manual for Singers and Vocal Coaches", are also available at Ostinato.