Singing Competition

A singing competition is an event where talented singers display their skills and compete to win. This web site is for the Mirjam Helin Competition, one of the world’s most prestigious singing competitions.

What is a singing competition

In a singing competition typically young vocal artists participate to demonstrate their singing skills to a jury and a public audience. Most competition involve concert performances. Winners are selected after the competition process which can take days or weeks. 

There is a long tradition of singing competitions and other music competitions in classical music.  More recently singing competitions have been adopted also in the popular music genres. The Mirjam Helin Competition takes place exclusively in the classical music genre. Read more on the Mirjam Helin Competition.

For whom are singing competitions

Singing competitions, like the Mirjam Helin Competition, are usually meant for singers from around the world. A singing competition is an excellent arena for testing and perfecting a singer’s skills. A singing competition can also have a major positive impact on the career of a young singer. A win or a top ranking in a prestigious competition such as Mirjam Helin can make the difference in securing future employment and performance opportunities.

Successful participation in a singing competition can be a defining moment in young singer’s career

Each singing competition makes their own decisions on which age groups can participate. There are also numerous regionally held competitions. Read more on who can participate in the Mirjam Helin competition.

What does it cost to participate in a singing competition

There is major variance in the cost of participating in a singing competition. In some competitions the participation fees may be designed from a business perspective and range up to hundreds or even thousands of euros. 

The Mirjam Helin Competition is free of charge for participants.

Participation in the Mirjam Helin Competition is free of charge. Our primary goal is to discover and grow new global singing talent. The competition is organised and financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Singing competition prizes

Most competition award the winners and competitors in other top position with monetary prizes. Major global competitions award significant prize money. This is another notable benefit of participating.

The total prizes for the 2019 Mirjam Helin Competition are 173,000 euros. The first prize winner is awarded with 30,000 euros with 20,000 euros, 15,000 euros and 10,000 euros to the second, third and fourth place winners respectively. Read more on the prizes of the Mirjam Helin Competition.

Difference between a singing competition and a vocal competition

Singing competition and vocal competition are synonyms. Similar events are held under both names. The Mirjam Helin Competition is called a singing competition, but many participants and audience members may call it a vocal competition.

What makes Mirjam Helin a unique singing competition

The Mirjam Helin Competition is one of the world’s leading singing competitions. The reputation has been built over many decades through exacting repertoire, prestigious jury and careful competitor selection. Many Mirjam Helin prize-winners have built impressive careers and reached the summit of the classical music world.

If you are a young classical singer with aspirations for a global career in music, please read more on how to apply for the Mirjam Helin competition.