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The official competition photographer Heikki Tuuli takes photo stills with two cameras of all competitors at the preliminary round, semifinals and finals. The stills are available for media use at his photo gallery after each round. 

Media is entitled to use the stills free of charge when publishing news and articles about the Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition. Photographer credit must be used.

Streaming and recordings

YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) will be broadcasting all competition events in collaboration with the Mirjam Helin Competition. The recordings of each round will be awailable at us and the separate performances of each competitor at

Contact for media

Communications Manager Katja Viitalähde-Annala

[email protected], +358 50 395 6084

Communications Specialist Sini Paloheimo

[email protected]

Executive Director Marja-Leena Pétas-Arjava

[email protected], +358 50 501 4026