Venue: The Helsinki Music Centre

Venue, Musiikkitalo
Photo: Arno de la Chapelle

Helsinki Music Centre (Musiikkitalo) located in the heart of Helsinki, is also the venue for the Mirjam Helin Competition. 

In addition to the Concert Hall, intended for acoustic music, there are also five smaller halls in the Helsinki Music Centre - Black Box, Camerata, Organo, Sonore, and the Rehearsal Hall Paavo - and the Klubi Restaurant, all of which have different acoustics and uses. Also the city’s  best classical music record store, Fuga Musiikki, is located in the Centre.

During the season from September to May, Helsinki Music Centre hosts 70 to 100 concerts and other events every month.

The residents of the Helsinki Music Centre are the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Sibelius Academy.

The Concert Hall

Concert hall
Photo: Arno de la Chapelle

The vineyard or surround Concert Hall has two levels, the stalls and the balcony. There is seating for 1,704 people.

The design of the building grows from outside in and is at its boldest in the architectural and acoustic surfaces of the Concert Hall. The surfaces create a nestlike shell hollowed out of wood. The opening between the halves of the shell gives a view from the concert hall to the lobby and from the lobby to the concert hall, the centre of action.

Take a virtual 360 tour of the Concert Hall.