One of the leading international singing competitions. Many of its former prizewinners have later risen to the top of the world of singing. Designed for outstanding young singers, it is known for its high standard, exacting repertoire, superb prizes and prestigious Jury.


The second prize for men went to Matija Meić, beating all the other baritones in a competition of a legendary high standard. Images of this charismatic 28-year-old Croatian will remain firmly etched in the minds of the Mirjam Helin audiences.


Marja-Leena Pétas intends to aim at even greater international visibility. The warm, caring legacy of Mirjam Helin is a key element of the ‘Helin brand’.


“Genuine contact with an eager audience is surely the biggest prize I won here.” This, in a nutshell, is how versatile, Frankfurt-based Ukrainian soprano Kateryna Kasper describes her experience of the 2014 Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition.