One of the leading international singing competitions. Many of its former prizewinners have later risen to the top of the world of singing. Designed for outstanding young singers, it is known for its high standard, exacting repertoire, superb prizes and prestigious Jury.


The VII Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition recorded large audience figures both online and at the concert venues. The competition’s own website received over 65,000 hits in July–August, of which some 28,000 were individual visitors from a total of 102 countries. Through the various social media, the competition reached many new followers in all parts of the world.


This interview with Kateryna Kasper, Beomjin Kim and Matija Meić ends our series following five competitors through the competition. Anna Brull and Björn Bürger also add a few comments now that the competition is over.


The Jury of the VII Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition has chosen Kateryna Kasper and Beomjin Kim as winners.